Health & Harvest Fair

I helped the Food Allies organize their fair and designed a wayfinding system and program with map to find healthy foods in the neighborhood


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The Challenge

Laundry list of vendors

When I met the Food Allies, they were very excited about the upcoming Health and Harvest Fair. They had lined up a slew of vendors for visitors to the fair to enjoy, and excitedly shared the master list with me.

At first, I was distrought. How was I supposed to take this mess and turn it into a readable, usable program for them?

Making sense

I saw some patterns, and I noticed that these vendors fit into several categories, and I enlisted the Food Allies to fit each into one of 4.

We extended our meeting and I left with some notes and the original list of vendors. Later, I shared a Google spreadsheet with the vendors organized in categories, asking for the group's input.

Putting it all together

I used the color pallette we had agreed on for the list, and organized events held by the vendors chronologically on the flyer, knowing we were going to set up a DIY wayfinding system at the fair to help folks find the groups.

Healthy finds in a food desert

The Food Allies wanted to improve the health of our neighbors, and knew a one-day fair might inspire some folks, but wouldn't do much to sustain a new direction towards better eating.

So, thanks to the cartography skills of the amazing Ingrid Burrington, we designed for the residents of Crown Heights and Prospect Heights to find healthy food resources in their area.

The day of the fair

It was so great to see neighbors excitedly bopping around to different areas of the fair with the program in hand, looking out for our colored 8.5"x11" colored sheets of paper attached to sticks in barrels to find their way to healthy food ideas.

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