I helped the Picwell team define the user flow od their app for seniors to choose personalized Medicare Part D plans.

Challenges and Oppurtunities

How Might We...

UX design

Initial user flow

The first user flow we tried focused on finishing the tasks as quickly as possible by having multiple tasks per screen.

When I tested the flow by showing my grandmother and oen of her friends, they didn't know how to begin the process and were confused by the semi-transparent steps.

We decided in the next iteration to try a more wizard-like approach and show one task at a time

Iterating and testing with Proto.io

For the next flow, I wanted the test to feel as close to the experience intended as possible.

I used Proto.io's prototype platform to quickly design and test the flow on an iPhone.
This time the test went really well, and the user I tested with (my grandmother) flew right through it.
After the test I mockuped up the flow with Adobe Illustrator and sent it to the team.

Landing page Web design

Defining market segments

We decided, through rapid research and personal experiences, that users could come in the flavors of independent users who are either first-time enrollees in Medicare Part D, unsatisfied with their current plan, or are always looking for the best possible plan out there.

The caretakers of potential dependent users would have a whole differnet set of difficulties and intentions. I helped the team put together proto-personas to keep all these users and their motiviations in mind when devloping the marketing plan.