I helped the Picwell team define the user flow of their app for seniors to choose personalized Medicare Part D plans.

The Challenge

How might we ensure our audiance, elderly folks, can navigate it?

Take a process wrought with complexity and simplify enough to be completed on a phone in under a dozen screens?

The Process

A very specific user group

Picwell's targeted users were people on Medicare. As Medicare is for people 65+, this made made a few design decisions instantly clear: ensure the upmost clarity through minimal "clutter", large typography, and an easy to understand user flow.

But those "users" aren't users, yet

Beyond the UX of the app itself, I helped the Picwell team identify goals and painpoints of prospective users. We decided, through rapid research and personal experiences, that users could come in the flavors of independent users who are either first-time enrollees in Medicare Part D, unsatisfied with their current plan, or are always looking for the best possible plan out there. The caretakers of potential dependent users would have a whole differnet set of difficulties and intentions. I helped the team put together proto-personas to keep all these users and their motivations in mind when developing the marketing plan.

User flow, printed for user testing

The Solution

Rapid prototyping and user testing

Wireframes translated to a user flow, and printed as a static prototype for testing proved that initial assumptions about making Picwell "fast" but still usable to the target audience were a little off. Learning that hiding, but referencing, the inactive and upcoming steps in the process of choosing your Part D plan until it was time to use them confused the few subjects that tested my prototypes paved the way for my next, interactive, prototype.

UI design

When I had finished and tested the user flow, I delivered it to CloudKid, who produced the lovely UI you see here.

Final UI Design by CloudKid

Landing page web design

WWhen the app was ready for action, the Picwell team asked if I could whip up a landing page to announce the release of the app and get folks signed up in partnership with Penn Medicine.

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